Estate planning is planning for the future, after your death. We help you plan for all your property to be transferred to your beneficiaries in a legal way.

You incorporate your business in the state you conduct business in. If you live and work in California, for example, you would incorporate your business in California.

A copyright is a protection provided to creators of original works, which prevents others from copying or benefiting financially from the work.

For all matters related to the rights and obligations of employers, workers and union members on issues such as employment standards.

Transfer on Death Deeds for Texas property owners who wish to transfer their real property to heirs without the need for probate.

For trademarks we conduct trademark searches and trademark applications, monitor trademarks and manage trademark portfolios.

Whether you are an owner of a commercial property or a tenant running a business, your lease is fundamental and needs to be optimally suited to your business needs,

Our Business lawyers provide professional and practical advice on a broad range of contractual issues related to business.

Pre-litigation means before a lawsuit is filed in court. Litigation is the process of filing & prosecuting a case in court.

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